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Motorcycle accidents can result In severe Injuries. Riders face danger at every turn. From crowded highways to debris-covered roads to poorly lit city streets, riders face the possibility of a collision every time they take to the pavement. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle crash, schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury firm.

For over 35 years, our firm has provided exceptional client service to injured riders in Sarasota, Bradenton and all Manatee County. We understand that a serious accident can impact the rider’s entire family, and we fight to recover the maximum compensation possible no matter the injuries and factors that led to the accident.

People involved in motorcycle accidents are too often faced with the notion that they themselves were being negligent just by virtue of riding a motorcycle. However, that is not the law and any thoughts or ideas that this is a factor should be denied. Further, there are different laws that apply to motorcycle claims which may have an impact in a particular situation. Therefore, it is always important to consult an attorney to discuss the particular facts and circumstances of the incident.

Largely due to the lack of safety features on the motorcycle itself, riders are typically only protected by their clothing. From heavy boots, to leather jackets, to a helmet, there is little to protect riders from a vehicle-to-vehicle collision. In addition, the rider will likely suffer injuries by falling to the pavement or striking stationary objects such as guardrails or light posts.

Riders typically suffer catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Compound fractures
  • Amputation
  • Road rash
  • Multiple lacerations
  • Ruptured tendons and torn ligaments
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis

Additionally, the most severe collisions might result in fatalities. If you were injured or you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial that you discuss your case with a skilled vehicle accident attorney.

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Motorcycle collisions can result in catastrophic, or even deadly, injuries. Legler Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, is dedicated to guiding clients through the legal process of monetary compensation.

Protect your rights when you are injured. To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, call one of our Florida offices: Bradenton at 941-748-5599 | Sarasota at 941-366-3782 | Lakewood Ranch 941-251-1370 | Venice 941-202-4129 You can also contact us online.

If you are injured or recovering, let us come to your home, the hospital or another convenient location.

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Vanessa Castro Viera
Vanessa Castro Viera
November 3, 2023
I had the privilege of working with Kelli Martinez as my personal injury attorney, and I can't express enough how grateful I am for her exceptional guidance and support throughout the entire process. From the moment I first contacted her to the conclusion of my case, Kelli demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring my rights were protected and that I received the compensation I deserved.I highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation for personal injury cases.
Jen Wiradilaga (SWFL Horses)
Jen Wiradilaga (SWFL Horses)
October 19, 2023
I am so pleased with the service and care Mr. Murphy has shown. Always has time for a phone call , emailed questions are answered so quickly , it is refreshing. I had guidance every step of the way. My Case was settled quickly and effectively. Everyone that is in this off is is exceptional! Thank you so much
amanda reese
amanda reese
October 17, 2023
Mr. Murphy and his team were amazing to work with. In a stressful situation they were on top of making sure I understood my options and walking me through the process when I’d stress out. He fought to make sure I was fairly treated and not just another person swept under the rug and forgot about. I highly recommend him if you ever need and hope to have a timely resolution and team that is top notch.
Ana Maria Araujo
Ana Maria Araujo
October 12, 2023
I am very grateful to Ed Murphy for accepting my case against work compensation, otherwise I wouldn't have had another doctor for a second examination and I would have been at home without being able to work again. I am thankful for all the work Ed and his assistant Jessica have done in my case. I am very happy with the service, every time I called I was treated very nicely by the front desk staff, Kelly. Thanks
Carlene Overacker
Carlene Overacker
October 6, 2023
I highly recommend Mr. Murphy. He immediately responded to the issues I was having with my workers compensation case. He reached out to me in a timely manner. I was always able to get ahold of him via the phone and emails. I never felt rushed in our meetings and conversations. He was professional and courteous. I am very satisfied how quickly I received my settlement.
Erica Aghoian
Erica Aghoian
September 22, 2023
I highly recommend contacting Ed Murphy with your worker's compensation case. From day one he took the time to explain all aspects of the case, listened to my questions and concerns, and kept me up-to-date as the case progressed. I believe he was able to achieve the best possible outcome with my case, and I couldn't be happier to have worked with him. I had never hired an attorney before, but he immediately put me at ease and had my trust. Great experience from start to finish!
Patricia Lara
Patricia Lara
September 12, 2023
I can't say enough how much help Ed Murphy was during such a difficult situation. From day one he was understanding and made us feel at ease. He helped us achieve the most positive out come in our law suit with workers comp. If you ever need assistance I highly recommend contacting Ed Murphy!
Trust Cleaning Inc
Trust Cleaning Inc
August 15, 2023
This message is for anyone who needs a good lawyer, I recommend Ed Murphy because he is a professional and patient person, he fights until the end of his case or any type of case, I recommend him to everyone 100% . there is no other attorney like ed murphy i just have to say thank you so much for helping me with my accident case.

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